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'Scrapbook Kits' And The Meaning Behind Them

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Trigger warning: This blog post mentions baby loss.

It all started while I was out walking with my husband, Ben, and our little dog, Nelly, not long after we had lost our baby. I was talking to Ben about the scrapbook I was making at home filled with scan pictures, photographs, letters, poems and doodles. I knew how much it was helping me heal and how grateful I was to have something so beautiful that I could keep forever. While I was talking to Ben about this, I suddenly realised something...

kraft scrapbook and materials

Scrapbook Kits Coming Sunday 25th June 2023 @ 7pm. Available at:

As I'm an artist, you can imagine that my cupboards are filled to the brim with paper, pens, pencils, glue, ribbons ‐ all sorts. I was so fortunate that I had all of these scrapbook materials at my fingertips when I desperately needed them. I realised though that most people don't own these sorts of things. Most people who want to make a precious keepsake after losing a loved one wouldn't be able to simply open a drawer and start one the way I could.

This made me feel so sad as when you've lost a baby or someone very close to you, it's a really dark place to be in. I've never felt heartache or exhaustion like it. The last thing I could imagine doing was spending the (very little) energy I had, thinking about what arts and crafts materials I might need, where I could get them from and what the quality would be like. It would have been far too much to think about, especially in those early, raw stages of grief.

It was in that moment, that I thought about creating Scrapbook Kits to help others by making their healing journey that little bit easier. By 'others', I mean the people out there who are grieving and who are emotionally exhausted. The people out there who want to create something special but without the trouble of spending hours shopping online. The people out there who desperately need to keep their hands busy, like me, by doing something creative and calming to help them feel better.

kraft scrapbook and materials

Scrapbook Kits Coming Sunday 25th June 2023 @ 7pm. Available at:

On Sunday 25th June 2023, I will be releasing these Scrapbook Kits to my website. Each kit will be carefully packaged into a brown, cardboard box and filled with lots of goodies. Inside each kit will be one scrapbook, pastel coloured paper, white cards and envelopes, a small copy of my "Hope and Love" poem, mini wooden pegs, wooden embellishments, pearl embellishments, craft glue, a black writing pen and a small linen bag to keep all your bits and pieces safe.

If you're reading this sometime after the end of June and you already have a Scrapbook Kit in your hands, first of all I'm so sorry for your loss. Please be kind to yourself in this slow process of healing and know that you aren't alone. Take it easy, make a cup of tea, find a quiet space, light a candle and let your heart and hands guide you as you make your scrapbook.

Sending you lots of love and strength,

Beth x

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