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5 Eco Friendly Products We Use For Packaging And Where To Find Them...

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

recyclable eco friendly packaging

Using recyclable or biodegradable packaging products in the studio is something we pride ourselves in at Bethan Rose Fine Art. We use lots of things like eco friendly stamps, stickers, labels, paper tape and void filling.

We have decided to share where we bought these products from in the hope that you might also like to think about going eco friendly wherever possible. Whether you own a business selling products, or you're just wrapping up gifts and cards for loved ones at home, let's look after our Planet Earth. 🌎

personalised stamps

Product #1 - Stamps

We have been absolutely blown away by the company who created our personalised stamps for us, Get Stamped. From the very moment we visited their website, we knew that they were a company we wanted to work with. Get Stamped is a small business, dedicated to creating 100% plastic-free packaging. With each order they receive, they plant a tree! How fantastic is that? Make sure to check out their guides and blogs page for more information.

eco friendly stickers

Product #2 - Stickers

Finding eco friendly stickers that we were able to personalise at a reasonable cost was a little trickier than we thought. However, we found a lovely shop on Etsy called Sticker Press UK who created some beautiful stickers for us. A fast turnaround, great communication and high quality product. We will definitely be ordering more soon!

label hole punch

Product #3 - Labels

We print and cut our labels by hand using our very own professional inkjet printer. We use recyclable, high quality card and we print on demand to save waste. Right now, creating labels in our studio works well for us and we absolutely adore the labels we create!

brown paper tape

Product #4 - Paper Tape

After making the switch to paper tape quite some time ago, there's no way we could ever go back to not using it. We source our paper tape in bulk as we go through it pretty quickly, but you can buy just 3 rolls of it here on Amazon. It's eco friendly, vegan, fully recyclable - all the good stuff.

shredded zigzag kraft paper

Product #5 - Void Filling

When it comes to eco friendly void filling, there are so many options to choose from nowadays. We love working with shredded Zigzag Kraft paper which is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. We get ours from Kite Packaging. It may not be the cheapest to buy in one go, but it will last you absolutely ages.

Let's Look After Our Planet Earth Together!

We hope to inspire more people and businesses to reduce their plastic use and swap to more eco-friendly alternatives. We can do this! Let's make our world a better place. 🖤

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Amazing blog post, Bethan Rose. Great tips on finding sustainable packaging, and it just happens to be beautiful as well!! Win win xx


What an important post! So refreshing to see businesses making these changes, I just hope others can follow suit. Thank you for being so considerate - I loved your work already and love it even more now!


Love hearing about how more and more businesses are switching to be more eco-friendly as it’s something I’m always conscious about when buying online. Thanks for sharing and explaining how you play your part.


Love this post! I'm always really conscious of how much plastic I'm using in my own business so I will definitely be taking some advice from you. I also love the stamp and will 100% be getting one for myself. Also absolutely love your work! X


Absolutely love this! I’m always so conscious when I’m ordering anything nowadays not only about the sourcing of the product itself but all the materials used in it getting to me. So inspiring ❤️

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